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Tackling Marketing in 2023 🤯

Picture this: you, the passionate and dedicated business owner, pouring your heart and soul into your venture. You've got an exceptional product or service, but there's one hurdle that seems insurmountable – marketing. Many business owners like you find themselves in a constant struggle, grappling with the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing.

Introducing Smart Web Plans

At Smart Web Plans, we understand that in today's digital age, a strong online presence is crucial for businesses to thrive and connect with their target audience.

At Smart Web Plans, we're not just a digital marketing agency – we're your partners in digital success. Let's collaborate to take your business to new heights in the digital realm. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and embark on a journey toward increased growth, engagement, and profitability. Your success is our priority.

Tailored Marketing Solutions

Bridging Gaps, Boosting Growth, and Maximizing Profits for Small Businesses

4 Ways We Can Help Your Business & Brand Grow

Smart Marketing Strategies

Discover a new dimension of business success with our Smart Marketing Strategies. Imagine strategies that learn, adapt, and outperform – reaching precisely the right audience and propelling your growth to unprecedented heights.

Gap-Filling Expertise:

Identify and bridge the gaps in your current marketing efforts. Our team pinpoints areas where your strategy may be falling short and implements effective solutions to enhance your brand's visibility and reach.

Time Liberation

Reclaim valuable time by entrusting your marketing endeavors to us. Our comprehensive services allow you to focus on what you do best, while we handle the intricacies of planning, execution, and optimization.

Scalable Solutions

As your business expands, our strategies grow with you. We provide scalable marketing solutions that evolve in tandem with your success, ensuring your brand's continued growth trajectory.

Want to Know How to Boost Revenue Through Smart Marketing?

Here’s How We’ll Work Together


Step 1: Unlock Your Potential with Our Marketing Survey

Embark on a journey of discovery. Our comprehensive marketing survey isn't just a questionnaire; it's a key that unlocks hidden avenues of growth within your business. By delving deep into your brand's digital landscape, we gain insights that form the foundation of your success strategy.


Step 2: Connect and Strategize

Your story matters to us. Once you've completed the survey, it's time for us to connect. Schedule a meeting with our team of seasoned experts who are excited to hear about your aspirations, challenges, and dreams. We're not just here to advise; we're here to collaborate.


Step 3: Crafting Tailored Solutions for Your Success

One size doesn't fit all, especially in the world of business. With the data from your survey in hand, we roll up our sleeves to tailor strategies that perfectly align with your unique goals. Our smart web plans are more than just plans – they're blueprints for your business's triumph.


Step 4: Empowering Your Growth Journey with Our Marketing Proposal

With our tailored solutions in place, the transformation begins. Imagine watching your business flourish as our strategies come to life. Whether it's amplifying your online presence, reaching a wider audience, or optimizing your digital impact, our holistic approach ensures every facet of your growth is nurtured.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Explore Our Marketing Solutions

Pay As You Go

Are you ready to take your business to the next level without the heavy upfront costs? Look no further! Smart Web Plans presents our Pay-as-You-Go Marketing Package – a results-focused solution designed to propel your business towards success, while keeping your budget in check.

Our Pay-as-You-Go Package is tailored for businesses with a minimum revenue goal of $5,000 per month. If your business falls within this category, our experts will craft a customized strategy to help you reach your revenue targets.

Transparent Pricing Structure:

10% Fee on Achieved Revenue Goal

When we successfully help you surpass your targeted monthly revenue goal, we charge a modest fee of 10% on the additional revenue generated beyond the goal. This aligns our success with yours, motivating us to drive exceptional results.

Monthly Fee: $97.

If we do not hit the targeted monthly revenue goal, you'll pay a fixed fee of $97/m. This includes access to all the essential tools and services, ensuring your business maintains an active online presence.

The Smart Web Plans

At Smart Web Plans, we understand that every business journey is unique. That's why we've crafted the Smart Web Plan with three distinct packages to cater to your specific needs and aspirations.

Classic - $500/month

Your Digital Foundation

Social Media Management

Monthly Newsletter Campaigns

Reviews Management

Enhanced - $1,000/month
Elevating Your Reach

Social Media Management

Monthly Newsletter Campaigns

Reviews Management

SEO or Paid Advertising

Premium - $1,500/month
Unleash Your Full Digital Power

*Same as Enhanced + SEO + Paid Advertisement

A La Carte

Take control of your digital strategy with our individual services designed to empower your business's growth.

Photography - $50/hr*: Capture your brand's essence with high-quality photography. Showcase your products, services, or team in the best light possible.

Videography - $100/hr*: Bring your story to life with captivating videos. Whether it's promotional content or behind-the-scenes glimpses, our videography services create a lasting impact.

Website Development - Starting at $500: Establish your online presence with a professional website. Our 5-page starting package ensures you have a solid foundation for your digital journey.

Funnel Design - $250: Optimize your conversion funnel for maximum results. Our experts will design a seamless journey that guides visitors towards becoming loyal customers.

Ad Management - $250/m: Harness the power of paid advertising. Our ad management services ensure your campaigns are targeted, optimized, and driving valuable results.

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Take Our Marketing Survey

Understanding your goals and challenges is the first step towards creating a successful marketing plan. Take our quick survey to help us gather insights about your business. This will allow us to provide you with personalized recommendations to boost your marketing efforts.

We focus on both acquisition and retention marketing so that our clients can keep their existing customers while also attracting new ones.


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